Purpose: The influence of oral antibiotic use together with mechanical bowel preparation (MBP) on surgical site infection (SSI) rate, length of hospital stay and total hospital costs in patients undergoing elective colorectal surgery were evaluated in this study.

Methods: Data from 90 consecutive patients undergoing elective colorectal resection between October 2006 and September 2009 was analyzed retrospectively. All patients received MBP. Patients in group A were given oral antibiotics (a total 480 mg of gentamycin, 4 gr of metronidazole in two divided doses and 2 mg of bisacodyl PO), whereas patients in group B received no oral antibiotics. Exclusion criteria were emergent operations, laparoscopic operations, preoperative chemoradiotherapy, intraoperative colo- noscopy prior to the creation of an anastomosis or antibiotic use within the previous 10 days. SSI, length of hospital stays and total hospital charges were evaluated.Results: Patients in both study groups, group A (n 1⁄4 45) and group B (n 1⁄4 45), were similar in terms of age, BMI, diverting ileostomy creation, localization and stage of the disease. Patients receiving oral an- tibiotics demonstrated a lower rate of wound infections (36% vs. 71%, p < 0.001), shorter hospital stay (8.1 ± 2.4 days vs. 14.2 ± 10.9 days, respectively, p < 0.001) and similar rates for anastomotic leakage (2% vs. 11%, p 1⁄4 0.20). The mean ± SD total hospital charges were significantly lower in Group A (2.699 ± 0.892$) than that in Group B (4.411 ± 4.995$, p 1⁄4 0.029).

Conclusion: Preoperative oral antibiotic use with MBP may provide faster recovery with less SSI and hospital charges.

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