What is a cataract? Treatment  lıke
What is a cataract? Treatment lıke

Cataract, eye problems are the most common form of. In a healthy eye, the lens is, the rays reach the retina directly. Creates an image sharp and clear. Cataract, the lens of a cataract is the opacification or to circumvent to see. More of a beam into the eye into seeing a reduction in cases of blocked causes this. It's like a dirty looks out the window of objects such as sharpness and colors clearly cannot be selected. The eye's natural lens of a cataract is an ongoing process.


· A gradual reduction · Light sensitivity, glare · Double vision · Difficulty reading · Subsequently myopia · Fogging and yellowing.
Treatment of cataract surgery is possible, however, for today.Nowadays, with the development of modern techniques in cataract surgery without anesthesia and needle-free, in the hospital before going to bed can be made. Have lost the transparency you have received the lens surgically, instead the number calculated artificial intraocular lens (IOL) is placed.

Starting to affect your daily lives decreased, seeing the negative glare or if the difference between the two eyes see it is time to operate. Stopping the development of cataracts or be returned back with medical treatment is not possible. The only treatment method to be applied in the treatment of cataracts is surgery. The current cataractous lens is placed inside the eye rather than by taking the transparent lens. Cataract can be used to traditionally welded method was used. Nowadays modern methods are developed. Most modern cataract surgery called phacoemulsification method in a very short incision of the cornea with ultrasound energy by leaving the lens with very tiny pieces of vacuum is drawn.This can be folded into small incision over the eye lens without suturing after placing operation is completed.Phacoemulsification method, because it does not have a large incision and is being tried in a closed system in the early period, increase the level of vision is quite safe is a method with very few complications. Surgery under local anesthesia is applied as standard. Keep an eye out for sedated during the operation, you won't feel a thing, maybe your eye may feel slight touch. Operation dures approximately 5-10 minutes, according to. During this time, you need to move your head or eye. Phaco surgery your pulse and blood pressure value as standard during is portable.

Only the second time After cataract Cataract purchase equipment upgrades yet?
The current cataractous lens is taken from within the second time for cataract eye development completely definitely excluded. After the cataractous lens during cataract operation is a thin membrane is placed into the eyepiece. This membrane layer may thicken in the period after the operation. This situation occurred during depent or operations not associated with complications.In such a case, the treatment is surgery. Within seconds, ending with the application of the laser (YAG laser) is completely curable.

Before and after cataract Operation Attention!

· According to the degree of cataract blood thinners Aspirin and similar drugs should be discontinued 3 days before surgery.

· Operation morning breakfast should not be too heavy, however, can be.

· Diabetes, hypertension, asthma medications used for systemic diseases such as the day of operation should not be stopped. Insulin dose, oral diabetic therapy and their treatment, should be continued as usual to follow diete. On the day of the surgery, systemic medication with you when you bring you use as there are benefits.

· On the day of the surgery, the face should be washed thoroughly and use of making makeup lotion and perfume should be avoided.

After the surgery you can return to your home after a short period of time your doctor will call you first to check within 36 hours.
. They should be washed thoroughly before you put the drip.
· After surgery your doctor lets you use 2 different drops,From the first drop of 15 minutes after the other drops must be escaped.
· Drops should be continued throughout the day and at night .
· If you can't say anything in addition to drops for 15 days, you will be given time, simply use as appropriate to the table.

Cataract surgery Then they have a chance to get rid of the near and distant Patients is Entirely through eyeglasses?
Yes there are absolutely not. Used during surgery, Multifocal lenses is the most advanced technology of recent years. Eye lens as standard from long since it is old away while there is a transparent layer that shows, in recent years, resulting in Multifocal lenses on both far and near vision are the hare is featured in the eyepiece.So the next patient, depending on the selected lens in cataract surgery life can pass as completely without glasses.

Multifocal Lenses Multifocal lenses both close and distance vision, providing at the same time, minimizing dependence on near and distant glasses are intraocular lenses that. These lenses as their structural feature is able to obtain more than one focal length lenses are. This, both near and far of patients will no longer need to use glasses. Close to minimize dependence on glasses. These lenses are another advantage is cataract operation to destroy both in the same session for patients with cataracts will have both near and far vision is to solve the problem. Patient expectations in the implementation of this operation and should be treated appropriately considering the lifestyle. The structure of the patient's eye after the tests necessary, evaluated the operation of parameters such as pupillary size eligibility can be determined.

Multifocal Lenses Which Can Be Applied To Patients?
Can be applied to almost all patients with cataracts. At the same time, the excimer laser surgery-inappropriate high hyperopia or myopia patients also can be applied.

Cataract surgery Patients will have This lifelong recommendations for patients for a single then the surgeon will need to talk with their expectations.For example, a hotfix that uses a car, ill just chooses the lens remote driving panels and speed indicators will bother to see. Patient painter, driver, musician or housewives is still the difficulty of medium-and close views of the patient's quality of life negatively. As a result, the patients ' reading habits do, professions, crafts, computer use habits, social activities is very valuable. How to know how much preoperative surgeons to obtain an opinion with which they necessarily as information should be taken.

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